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Life Unexpected

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Rain In Southern California

Rain Perry is a folksy -rock singer, with a voice reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and poetic lyrics straight from her heart.

Her song Beautiful Tree, inspir… READ MORE

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Life Unexpected: A Hit!

Your next “must-see” TV show? The CW’s Life Unexpected. It debuted last night and we won’t lie — the ads for it made it look like a reimagined and hokey k… READ MORE

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Unexpected Hit

One of the most aniticpated new shows is CW’s “Life Unexpected.” We’ve got a little “Featurette” for you, just to … READ MORE

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TV: Monday Hot List

Are you ready for more Olympic fun? Of course you are as there are only a few more days left in these exciting games! Tonight, the U.S. figure skating teams of M… READ MORE

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TV: Monday Hot List

With the Olympics dominating the airwaves for the next two weeks, a lot of your favorite shows are on hiatus. But not to worry, if the Olympics just aren̵… READ MORE

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Did you watch Life Unexpected last week? It’s a refreshing and great new show on The CW that we’re really digging and think you have to check out if you haven’t … READ MORE