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Laura Schlessinger

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Dr. Laura Slams Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA Twerking, Says She Is ‘A Disgusti...

Miley Cyrus is still getting flack for her outrageous twerking dance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMAs and her latest critic is none other than conserva… READ MORE

RADAR Online

VIDEO: Offended Caller Rejects Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Apology

The caller involved in the Dr. Laura Schlessinger N-word controversy appeared on Larry King Live Thursday to discuss the flap, and refused to accept an apo… READ MORE


VIDEO: Dr. Laura Schlessinger: 'I Have Made The Decision Not To D...

In a bombshell announcement, Dr. Laura Schlessinger said she’ll be done doing her radio show at year’s end on Larry King Live Tuesday, following a we… READ MORE


AUDIO: Dr. Laura Schlessinger Apologizes For Use Of The N-Word

Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologized for using the N-word this week, has learned, after the veteran broadcaster Tuesday — three tim… READ MORE