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EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Bedridden While Recovering From Third Surgery

Nadya Suleman is home in bed recovering from a third surgery related to procedures to remove benign tumors from the wall of her uterus, has … READ MORE

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Seventh Octuplet Comes Home

Josiah, one of Nadya Suleman‘s octuplets, was released from the hospital Wednesday and sent home to join the dozen siblings waiting for him at home.… READ MORE

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15 Hospital Workers Fired, Accused Of Snooping For Octo-Sperm Donor

Fifteen Kaiser Permanente employees out of the Bellflower branch have been fired, and eight more disciplined, for allegedly searching for the name of NadREAD MORE

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New Video! WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Calls 911 As Paparazzi Swarm, Kid...

“What am I, the president? No!” Octo-mom Nadya Suleman yelled as she tried to make her way home. “This is beyond insane.”

It shou… READ MORE