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RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Cameron Asks That Everyone “Be Sensitive To The ...

Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron released a statement to Friday morning reacting to the suicide death of his co-star Andrew Koening.


RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Missing Actor’s Parents Were Right To Walk Out Of Lar...

Missing former child actor Andrew Koenig’s longtime friend spoke to in defense of Koenig’s parents who walked out of an interview with LaREAD MORE

RADAR Online

VIDEO: Parents Of Missing Growing Pains Star Tearfully Appeal For Him ...

The parents of missing Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig made an emotional plea to their son at a press conference Wednesday, begging him to contact them.


RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mom Of Missing Growing Pains Actor Remains Stoic ...

Former Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig has been missing since February 14, and now his parents are asking the public for help in finding their troubled so… READ MORE