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DUPED! Bad Boyfriend John Mayer Exposed For Buying Fake Rolexes — To Give To His Girlfriends? 

John Mayer can’t catch a break when it comes to love.
A “jerk” of a boyfriend by his own admission, the singer’s most noteworthy good dating behavior has been… READ ON

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A Beatles Reunion? Let It Be! Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr Planning Surprise Concert

Forty-three years after the Beatles broke up, sending millions of teen fans into a tailspin, the last surviving members are reportedly planning another walk down Abbey Road in a surprise… READ ON


Katy Perry Gets Rid Of Russell Brand Baggage, Sells $6.5 Million Hollywood Home They Bought Together

Hear her “Roar.”
Katy Perry took a loss in ridding herself of the last remnant tying her to ex-husband Russell Brand, Park Hill, the West Hollywood mansion she bought… READ ON


Ya Think?! Taylor Swift Admits Her Approach To Dating ‘Needs To Change’

Perpetually lovelorn pop superstar Taylor Swift has finally admitted something that the world’s been thinking for years: Maybe she’s the problem. Swift confessed that her less-than-stellar relationship track record could… READ ON