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Jacob Black

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VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Tells Oprah What He Wants In A Woman

If Twilight’s Taylor Lautner had a profile, it would say he’s looking for “loyalty” and “honesty,” and has learn… READ MORE

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MOVIE REVIEW: New Moon Is A Treat For Fans

The day has finally arrived. After an entire year without Edward Cullen on the big screen, Twilight fans’ prayers have been answered.


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Taylor Lautner “Jacob” Doll

Ever wanted a bit of Taylor Lautner? Well now you can have some, for just $24.95!

PHOTOS: Taylor Lautner And Kristen Stewart On The Red Carpet

Toy giant Matte… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: New Moon Love Triangle Hits Twilight Birthplace, Vote For Y...

While Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were in New York at the MTV VMAs, some other Twilight hopefuls descended on Forks, Washington (… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Which Taylor is Not So Swift?

Perhaps the cunning grace of playing werewolf Jacob Black didn’t rub off on Taylor Lautner?

The young star of New Moon was on set today filming ValentREAD MORE

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Third Twilight Film Starts August 17

It’s a sunny day for Twilight fans–the third film adaptation of the vampire saga has been given a start date by Summit Entertainment.