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Guinness Book Of Records

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Two Dogs ‘Marry’ in Most Expensive Pet Wedding Ever – It Cost $158,187...

By Radar Staff

The bride was a real dog — but then again, so was the groom!

Two pooches got ‘married’ in Central Park in New York Thursday night in a cerem… READ MORE


‘My Boobs Saved My Life,’ Claims Woman With The World’s Biggest Breast...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

The woman named by the Guinness Book Of Records as having the world’s biggest breast implants claims her huge boobs s… READ MORE


Meet Lucy: The Yorkie Named The World’s Smallest Working Dog

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Weighing in at just two-and-a-half pounds, Lucy the Yorkshire terrier makes the most of her size and has now been nam… READ MORE


Metallic Man Attempts To Break ‘Most Spoons On A Human Body’ World Rec...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Guess there really is a world record for everything!

A metallic man whose body provides a bizarre attraction to heav… READ MORE


Two-Faced Cat Paws His Way Into The Guinness Book Of Records

By Radar Staff

Frank and Louie‘ is far from your regular household cat, but that hasn’t stopped the two-faced pussy from living to the … READ MORE


Fat Wars! Two Women Vie For ‘Heaviest’ Titles

By Radar Staff

The World’s Heaviest Mom Donna Simpson, who tips the scales at over 530 pounds, now has competition for the world’s most famous … READ MORE