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German Shepherds

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Kate Gosselin Lets The Dogs Back In

Kate Gosselin has changed her tune about the fate of her family’s German Shepherds. The two dogs, banned from the Gosselin estate last year, are head… READ MORE

RADAR Online

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Says Jon’s Dogs Could Return Home: “I Just ...

Doggone it! Kate Gosselin now says Jon‘s two beloved German Shepherds may return home one day.

As previously reported, Jon blames … READ MORE

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Gosselin Kids: 8 Minus Jon & Kate

With mom Kate in New York City to guest host The View and tape the pilot of her new talk show, and dad Jon off wherever, the Gosselin kids have been in the care of t… READ MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Gosselin Dog Breeder Will Keep Dogs Indefinitely

Jon and Kate Gosselin have already broken up the family and now they’re giving away the dogs, so their eight children have got to be hurting. But don&#… READ MORE