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Forest Boy

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Forest Boy? More Like Flimflam Man, Police Say, After Stepmother IDs H...

By Radar Staff

The Forest Boy is a fraud.

Authorities in Berlin Friday said the boy’s name is Robin van Helsum, and he’s a 20-year-old DutchmanREAD MORE


First Look At 'Forest Boy' As Mystery Deepens Over Who He Is...

By Radar Staff

We’ve finally got a face to put to the Forest Boy!

Berlin police released an image of the elusive teen Wednesday in hopes of being able to … READ MORE


Forest Boy Agrees To DNA Test In Bid To Locate Relatives

By Radar Staff

Justin Bieber‘s not the only 17-year-old donating DNA to settle a worldwide controversy.

The Forest Boy, who answers to the name “Ray… READ MORE


Forest Fraud? German Police Say Boy Never Lived In The Woods

By Radar Staff

German police said a number of key factors have led them to determine the tale of Forest Boy — the 17-year-old who claims he spent five ye… READ MORE


Is Forest Boy A Hoax? Swiss Couple Claims They’re His Grandparen...

By Radar Staff

The forest boy mystery is deepening, and some serious doubt is being shed over the story spun by the lonesome teen.

A couple from Switzerland h… READ MORE


Forest Boy Mystery Deepens As Authorities Struggle To Uncover His True...

By Radar Staff

The baffling story of a teenage boy claiming to have lived in the wilderness for five years has made headlines around the globe.

The 17-year-o… READ MORE


Boy Claims He Lived In Wilderness For 5 Years; Wants To Go Back

By Radar Staff

A boy who purportedly spent five years living in the wilderness is struggling to live in modern civilization after sprouting up in Germany fo… READ MORE