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Fantastic Mr Fox

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DVD Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Seconds after Fantastic Mr. Fox begins, the imprint of Wes Anderson is impossible to miss and an instant joy to behold.

It’s not just that the director’s ada… READ MORE

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New DVD Releases

Brothers (R)

Sam and Tommy are brothers who are vastly different: The former is a devoted husband, father and career military man. The latter is a witty char… READ MORE

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Owen Wilson — Wet & Wild

Wedding Crashers star Owen Wilson makes a splash with a mystery gal pal at a beach in Maui on Tuesday.

PHOTOS: Owen Wilson Goes Swimming With Gal Pal

Wilson &#… READ MORE

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Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Charm, tenderness and wit have been the hallmarks of Wes Anderson’s style since the arrival of his first film, Bottle Rocket (1996). With The Royal TenenbaREAD MORE

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Fantastic Fashion For Mr Fox

For Friday’s Hollywood premiere of George Clooney‘s innovative new animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox, young starlets came out in droves (we s… READ MORE