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EXCLUSIVE: How Tiger Woods Tried To Stop Affair Stories With Payoff

Tiger Woods tried to save his public image and his marriage by paying off the person who was about to go public with the first report of his cheating.

Team Tige… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Woman Claims Shaquille O’Neal Harassing Her, Hires Gl...

Famed attorney Gloria Allred is looking to score against NBA great Shaquille O’Neal and she’ll head to the court (room), if that’s what it takes.

Allred is r… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Challenged To $120,000 Boxing Match By Hailey&...

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman and their attorneys have plans to sit down and resolve their differences, but Hailey’s friend Damon Feldman has a dif… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Arnold Rescues Pal And Puts Him In Drug Rehab

Tom Arnold rushed to help his drug-using friend Jason Davis and convinced him to go into drug rehab, has learned exclusively.


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EXCLUSIVE: First Lady Settles Presidential Score

Michelle Obama confessed to Jay Leno in October that Barack “beats me quite often” at tennis, but an insider in Hawaii told t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Mistress Has Had No Contact For “Quite Some Time”, Sa...

Contrary to reports that Tiger Woods and his original mistress Rachel Uchitel have been  meeting up in secret since the scandal broke, ha… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Sheen’s Wife Told Cops She Did Cocaine and Took Pills

It’s well documented that Charlie Sheen has been in and out of rehab and has battled addiction for years, but has discovered that his wife, … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Sheen Attacked Wife Before, Knocked Her Down

Her lawyer has called it “one bad night” but Brooke Mueller‘s attorney clearly doesn’t know about a previous attack by husband … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lawyer Says Hailey Lied About Jon Gosselin Violen...

Accusations are flying between Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin, with Hailey claiming Jon pushed her against the wall in their New York apartment and Jon c… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen Files To Have Restraining Order Lifted

Charlie Sheen’s attorney, Richard Cummins filed papers in an Aspen, CO, court Wednesday to have the temporary restraining order lifted against Sheen.


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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen Cop Sent Letters To Bin Laden, Admitted To Do...

It could only happen to Charlie Sheen – turns out the hellraiser actor’s Colorado arresting officer Rick Magnuson once sent letters to Osama Bin Laden and h… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Not Allowed Contact With Wife For At ...

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller might be eyeing a dramatic reconciliation after their alleged Christmas Day knife fight, but they won’t be able to patch t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Sheen Sweetens Wife’s Prenup Deal By $1 Million

The cost of freedom for Charlie Sheen is $1 million!

That’s the amount of money the actor will increase wife Brooke Mueller’s prenuptial agreement if he sta… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Deal In The Works

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman will sit down with their attorneys to try and hammer out a deal and work out their legal issues, has exclus… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE LEGAL DOCUMENT: Kim Kardashian Sued By Cookie Diet Maker; R...

Kim Kardashian is at the center of a messy Twitter lawsuit involving Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet,  and has the new lawsuit just filed against t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Introducing One Big Happy Family’s The Cole...

Move over Jon and Kate Gosselin, there’s a new family in town and this one is bigger and better – well definitely bigger!


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EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry Buys Russell Brand Range Rover – But He Ca...

Katy Perry bought boyfriend Russell Brand a Range Rover for Christmas, learned exclusively.

It’s the perfect gift – excep… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Michael Lohan Lashes Back At Ex-Fiancee With Damaging...

Michael Lohan is getting revenge on his ex-fiancee, Erin Muller, the one way he knows how –by releasing an embarrassing audio tape.

RadarOnline.coREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Security Tape Proves Jon Gosselin Didn’t Stage Burgla...

A security tape shows that Jon Gosselin was in his apartment for only 60 seconds before leaving to report a burglary to building management, proving  he did… READ MORE