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Ed Asner

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Ed Asner Rushed To Hospital With Speech Problems

Legendary actor Ed Asner was rushed in an ambulance to a Gary, Ind. Hospital Tuesday when he ran into problems speaking during a performance of FDR, a one-ma… READ MORE

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Ed Asner’s Divorce Settlement

Ed Asner‘s divorce from wife Cindy Asner has been finalized, has confirmed. The couple whom were married for approximately 8 year… READ MORE

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Court Papers Detail Ed Asner’s Financial Trouble

Divorce is hard enough without the current economic climate.

Legendary actor Ed Asner is feeling the hit, struggling to make ends meet while attempting to … READ MORE

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Ed Asner Divorce: Call In A Referee

Holy Bat-rimony, Ed Asner‘s divorce is so contentious that Commissioner Gordon has been dragged in to settle it! Oh wait, it’s not Commissio… READ MORE