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Dr. Steven Shafer

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D.A. To Cross-Examine Expert Who Says Michael Jackson Injected Himself...

By Radar Staff

The anesthesiologist who testified Michael Jackson likely injected himself with the fatal dose of propofol will be cross-examined in the t… READ MORE


Dr. Conrad Murray’s Defense Team Implodes!

By Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

As Dr. Conrad Murray‘s defense is about to present its case in the Michael Jackson death trial, has e… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Defense Expert Conducted Beagle Propofol Te...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lead defense attorney, Ed Chernoff revealed in court Friday afternoon, that their defe… READ MORE


Dr. Conrad Murray Trial: Prosecution To Finish With Final Witness Thur...

By Radar Staff

The prosecution’s final witness, propofol expert Dr. Steve Schafer, is expected to wrap up his damning testimony Thursday in the tri… READ MORE


Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray Delayed After Medical Expert’s Father...

By Radar Staff

UPDATE: The judge in the Murray trial has announced testimony will resume Wednesday.

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael JaREAD MORE