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Dr. Lara Embry

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Not A Gleeful Birthday: Jane Lynch Alone After Filing For Divorce &...

Jane Lynch appeared sad and deeply lost in thought as she walked her dog in New York Sunday.

It’s the Glee star’s 53rd birthday, and her first in … READ MORE

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Not A Gleeful Ending To Their Marriage! Jane Lynch Divorcing Dr. Lara ...

Jane Lynch is heading to divorce court, after only three years of marriage.

The 52-year-old Glee star, who wed Dr. Lara Embry in Sunderland, Mass. in 2010… READ MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Glee’s Jane Lynch Married Lara Embry On Memor...

Glee‘s Jane Lynch married Dr. Lara Embry in an intimate ceremony in Massachusetts on Monday night, has confirmed.

Report: Glee&#READ MORE