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Dr. Anthony Galea

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VIDEO: Tiger Woods Admits Federal Investigators Have Contacted His Age...

Tiger Woods admitted that federal investigators have contacted his agent regarding a drug probe. During his first full-fledged news conference Monday s… READ MORE

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Report: Tiger Woods Controversial Doctor Also Treated Madonna

Madonna, like Tiger Woods, is connected to Anthony Galea, the Toronto doctor currently under FBI investigation for providing athletes with performance… READ MORE

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Tiger’s Doctor Charged For Selling An Unapproved Drug

Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor that treated Tiger Woods, was charged Wednesday for selling an unapproved drug, known as Actovegin, in Canada. In add… READ MORE

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Report: Tiger Woods Doctor Under Investigation For HGH Distribution

With all the focus on Tiger Woods‘ game off the golf course, a new report might bring some unwanted scrutiny to his conduct on the links, as well: Dr. AnREAD MORE