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Jodi Arias’ Pal: Murderer ‘Probably Felt Betrayed’ F...

Jodi Arias‘ best friend said the Arias family was “very, very upset” — and the convicted murderer, according to her mother, … READ MORE

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Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias Didn’t Turn Mother Away From Psych Ward:...

Jodi Arias is being held in the psych ward of the county jail following her first-degree murder conviction  in the death of Travis Alexander and RadarOnlin… READ MORE


Jodi Arias ‘Not Well’ Following Guilty Verdict, Says Frien...

The woman who speaks to a jailed Jodi Arias each night says she’s “not well” after a jury found her guilty of slaying her one-time boyfr… READ MORE

Nancy Grace Slams Jodi Arias Nasty Tweet!

Jodi Arias’ bitter Tweets have been short and to the point, and while the prosecutor hasn’t commented on her 140 character insults , Nancy Grace exclusivel… READ MORE

Jodi Tweets

Killer Tweets! Jodi Arias Tweeting From Behind Bars & Insulting Pr...

Jodi Arias has been sitting in jail for five years after stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the face, but she’s been … READ MORE