Justin Bieber Ordered To Answer 10 Pages Of Questions Issued By Judge: Give Me ALL Info On EVERYONE Who’s Traveled With You In The Last 2 Years!

A judge has just ordered 10 pages of questions to be answered by Justin Bieber in written form and submitted back to the court, and has exclusively obtained the… READ ON

Bieber pays fine

Bad Bieber! Justin Fined $11.5K For Skipping Deposition To Party In Miami

Justin Bieber may not serve any more jail time for his Miami DUI charge, but a Florida judge just handed down a serious smack down to the pop star in… READ ON

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Bethenny Frankel — Scared Her Business Secrets Will Be Revealed, Pleading With Judge To Seal Court Docs

Bethenny Frankel doesn’t want the secret to her success revealed and is pleading with a judge to seal court documents that contain details of her business, is exclusively reporting.… READ ON

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Bieber Blew Off Scheduled Deposition To Party In Miami
Suri Cruise - tom cruise-absent-Daughter-Suri-First-Day-School

Katie Holmes Could Be Deposed In Tom Cruise’s $50M Libel Lawsuit Over Suri ‘Abandoned’ Claim

The testimony in Tom Cruise’s  bitter legal fight against two magazines publishers has already been explosive — but things could get even more juicy. has exclusively learned that… READ ON

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Tom Cruise Questioned About Whether He Chose Rumored Love Interest Cameron Diaz Over Spending Time With Suri

A lawyer for two magazines being sued by Tom Cruise pressed the Hollywood megastar in a contentious deposition about time he’d spent with rumored rebound girlfriend Cameron Diaz, in READ ON

Suri Cruise - tom cruise-absent-Daughter-Suri-First-Day-School
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Paula Deen Scores MAJOR Win In Sex & Discrimination Lawsuit — Judge Insists ‘N Word’ DOES NOT Discriminate Against Sicilians

Paula Deen and her brother have just scored a major victory in the explosive sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuit filed against them, has confirmed.
A judge in Georgia… READ ON