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Crumbs  Cupcakes slur

Crumbs Cupcakes Sued For $25K For Discrimination After Store Manager A...

Crumbs Bake Shop, renowned for its delicious cupcake confections, has been sued by two men, after a store manager allegedly used a homophobic slur towa… READ MORE


DC Cupcakes: Meet Sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinisk

Sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis gave up their life savings and solid careers to take the biggest leap of their lives and make their dream o… READ MORE

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BYOC: Bring Your Own Cupcake!

Can’t decide what to bring for Passover or Easter ? How about a “taste pack” of festive  mini cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery ( The Passover … READ MORE

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Tony Hawk: A Cupcake?

Tony Hawk has been associated with a lot of things, but a cupcake? It’s true — the champion skateboarder worked with Crumbs Bakery to create th… READ MORE

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Give Cupcakes! Crumbs Bake Shop

“Light as Air”
“Can I have another one?”

These were just a few of the comments we got when we did the “official” holiday cupcake tasting with Crumb… READ MORE

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Cupcakes For Breast Cancer Awareness: CRUMBS Bake Shop

Eat a delicious cupcake and feel good about it for once, instead of guilty! Crumbs Bake Shop is baking up a scrumptious pink frosted and sprinkled cupcake fr… READ MORE

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Cup Cake Wars

Blame it on Sprinkles.

Some people say the Beverly Hills bake shop, with its iconic dot, started the fancy, haute cup cake craze that spawned imitators, law … READ MORE