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New Crime Scene Photos: Inside The Bloody Shower Where Jodi Arias Kill...

In powerful crime scene photos, a large pool of blood can be seen in the shower where Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times, before slitting his throa… READ MORE


Bloody Shirt Found Inside Michael Jackson’s Bedroom & Other...

By Alexis Tereszcuk
Senior Radar Reporter

As the prosecution continues to present its case in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, has exclusi… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: America’s Got Talent Contestant Releases Video Critic...

Cops investigating the death of an America’s Got Talent contestant’s wife could have come face-to-face with the killer when they arrived at … READ MORE

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NEW CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: Inside the Room Where Joran Van Der Sloot Left... has obtained more graphic crime scene photographs from Joran van der Sloot‘s hotel room in Lima, Peru which illustrate the violen… READ MORE

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Scotland Yard Coy On Lohan Jewel Disapearance

Hellraiser Lindsay Lohan is reportedly going to be quizzed over $500,000 of missing jewels – although British police are remaining coy about the crime.



Rihanna’s Blood In Brown’s Car

Rihanna‘s blood was found in Chris Brown‘s car after their brutal fight, and has obtained exclusive photos of the car̵… READ MORE