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Celebrity Divorce

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Best Bikini Bodies on Married Celebs

In Hollywood, married ladies aren’t barefoot in the kitchen–they’re frolicking the beach! Just because a sexy star has a ring on her f… READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin: Back as Daddy

After a shocking trip overseas with his new girlfriend, Jon Gosselin slipped back into his old lifestyle in Pennsylvania as he took over as parent of his eig… READ MORE

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Edward Furlong’s Wife Files for Divorce

Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong is splitting with his wife of almost three years.

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today, Furlong’s es… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jane Kaczmarek Responds to Divorce, Asks For Custody

Malcolm in the Middle star Jane Kaczmarek has filed a response to the divorce petition filed by her estranged husband Bradley Whitford.

The West Wing actor … READ MORE

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Madonna & Guy Ritchie: Sharing Friends Nicely?

Despite rumors of a sour love connection, are Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie playing nicely with one another’s friends?

It would sure seem that … READ MORE

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NEW DETAILS: Coleman & Wife’s Divorce Court Fiasco

New details have emerged about the troubled marriage of Gary Coleman and wife Shannon Price, who was arrested Wednesday evening for domestic violence and … READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin Plays With Kids Minus Wedding Ring

Jon Gosselin has a lot on his plate these days. Click here to see Jon and Kids play photos.

Sitting by himself on the steps of his house, making calls on his cell … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin – Will Talk For Ratings

We don’t know what to address first—Kate Gosselin’s sudden aversion to cameras in her face, or her latest undercover ensemble.

The usually lens-friendly … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon & Kate Plus… Divorce! Big Announcement ...

Jon and Kate Gosselin will take reality television to an entirely new level Monday night on TLC.

TLC has said Jon and Kate will make a major announcement Mond… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jon Says He Still Has No Idea Where Kate Is-Four Days...

If Kate Gosselin is missing, don’t expect her husband Jon to lead the search party for her!

In exclusive video shot Monday around no… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE FATHER’S DAY VIDEO: Jon Gosselin: “I Have No Ide...

Jon Gosselin spent Father’s Day without his wife and when asked “where’s Kate” told exclusively, “I h… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s Disappearing Act Ticks Off Show

Kate Gosselin isn’t the only one with bad, bad feelings toward Jon Gosselin.

Some of honchos behind Jon & Kate Plus 8 have been furious with him for weeks … READ MORE

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It’s official. Jon and Kate Gosselin will announce on Monday that they are divorcing, a source close to the situation tells exclusively.… READ MORE

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DIVORCE EXCLUSIVE: Jon & Kate Haven’t Slept Together In Mont...

Jon and Kate Gosselin haven’t slept together in months, has learned exclusively.

The reality-show couple will announce their di… READ MORE

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Poll Reveals Who’s To Blame In Jon & Kate Bust Up

She’s bossy. He’s wimpy.

You could make a compelling case for either statement depending on who you still want to be friends with after Jon and Kate Gosselin READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Rutherford Delivered Baby With Mom By Her Side

Kelly Rutherford gave birth to daughter Helena on Monday night with her own mother by her side in the delivery room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, RadarOnREAD MORE

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NEW VIDEO: Hasselhoff & Bach Reunite For Sake Of Kids

David Hasselhoff and his ex-wife Pamela Bach put their differences aside to reunite at a charity event in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Hasselhoff and Bach R… READ MORE

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Mel Headed for Record-High Divorce Settlement?

Mel Gibson can splash around in Costa Rica all he wants, but California law looms overhead — the actor could be staring down the barrel at the costliest divor… READ MORE