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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger's Wife: The Divorce Is Off

Tiger Woods‘ wife Elin has called off her divorce from the golf superstar, sources tell exclusively.

Elin spent last week visitin… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ex Mistress To Tiger Woods: 'You Suck!'...

Tiger Woods has left a lot of unhappy women in the wake of his cheating scandal and you can count ex-mistress Jaimee Grubbs as one of them.

In an exclusive inte… READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: First Pictures Of Tiger Woods In Sex Rehab

These are the exclusive first photos of Tiger Woods in rehab for sexual addiction at a clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The golfing great has not been se… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: John Edwards Admitting Paternity Of Love Child

John Edwards is about to release a public statement admitting paternity of the out-of-wedlock daughter he fathered with mistress Rielle Hunter, RadarOnREAD MORE

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NEW PHOTOS: Sex Rehab Clinic Renovates To Keep Tiger Woods Out Of Sigh...

The sexual addiction clinic where Tiger Woods is receiving in-patient treatment has stepped up efforts in the past few days to keep the star out of sight, li… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Plans Return To Golf In Spring

Tiger Woods is planning to return to the PGA tour in the Spring, has learned.

By that time he will have completed rehab for sexual addiction … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Wife Has Not Visited Him In Rehab

Tiger Woods‘ wife has not visited him while he’s been in sexual addiction rehab, is reporting exclusively.

Tiger is receiv… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: No Roommate For Tiger Woods In Rehab

Tiger Woods is living alone without a roommate while in rehab, has learned exclusively. broke the news on Friday that Ti… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Cops Called To Tiger Woods Sex Addiction Rehab Facility

Cops were called Friday afternoon to the sex addiction facility where Tiger Woods is receiving treatment, has learned exclusively.


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EXCLUSIVE: Another Shaq Mistress Revealed

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal has been linked to two mistresses in the past few months and now has discovered another one.

Shaq ha… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Reality TV Show For Stars' Ex-Mistresses In ...

A reality TV show featuring the ex-mistresses of celebrities is in the works, has learned.

And the ex-mistress who’s heading it is hoping … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Mistress Will Claim He Had Gay Romps In Tell-Al...

One of Tiger‘s many mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, is penning a tell-all book about the golf ace and claims that she witnessed him in gay encou… READ MORE

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LISTEN: Police Audio From Tiger Woods' Crash Just Released

Police radio transmissions from Tiger Woods’ car crash have just been released. At one point a dispatcher is heard saying: “Be advised the vehicle h… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tiger Woods Told Mistress He Loved Her

In an explosive new interview, the woman who first broke the news of Tiger Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel exclusively spoke to a… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Tiger Woods Wife In ‘Great Spirits’ ...

Tiger Woods‘ wife was in “great spirits” as she and her twin sister rang in the New Year with a champagne toast, says Linn Lindquist, a wa… READ MORE

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AT&T Drops Tiger Woods

AT&T announced it is dropping Tiger Woods.

It’s more fallout from the golfing great’s cheating scandal, that has seen more than a dozen w… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Mistress Family In Battle Over Alleged Nude Photo Of Tiger ...

A bitter fight has broken out among family members of Tiger Woods’ mistress Jamie Jungers over nude photos of the golfing legend.

Exclusive Interview: JamREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Mistress Caught In Lie While Questioned About N...

Tiger Woods‘ mistress Jamie Jungers was caught in a lie during a radio interview where she was questioned about taking nude photos of the golfer.


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EXCLUSIVE: Husband Of Tiger Woods’ Mistress Discovered Affair

The husband of one of Tiger Woods‘ mistresses discovered the golfer’s affair with his wife, has learned.

Theresa Rogers, t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Not At Sea, Yacht Still Docked

Tiger Woods has not set sail for the Bahamas, despite reports to the contrary, has learned.

PHOTOS: Tiger and Wife Through the Years