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Boo Boo Stewart

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Taylor “Talks To His Abs” Says...

The werewolves in Eclipse are known for their abs of steel, and has learned the secret of how hunky Taylor Lautner gets ripped and ready for … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Twilight Fans Camp Out, Meet Eclipse Stars...

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere is tonight, but fans have been camping out for days at LA Live to get a chance to see the stars from their favorite movie.


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Ogre Attire: Cameron And Pals Chic At Shrek Premiere

At the Los Angeles premiere of Shrek Forever After on Sunday afternoon, Cameron Diaz showed off her bombshell bod in impressive fashion. The blonde babe ro… READ MORE

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Dragon Dressing

The stars were in 3D at the Los Angeles premiere of How to Train Your Dragon on Sunday afternoon, dressed in Springy and fun fashion. Ugly Betty star America FREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New Moon Wolf Pack On The Red Carpet

New Moon’s official hotties were out on the red carpet, and as the trailers have shown, the Wolf Pack men are the best thing that could happen to the movie.


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NEW PHOTOS: Twilight Werewolves Arrive for Eclipse Filming

The excitement is building every day as Eclipse, the third installment of The Twilight Saga, is filming in Vancouver and on Thursday more of the werewolves … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Eclipse Star Retracts Sequel Statement

Little Boo Boo Stewart has just learned the most important lesson a Twilight cast member can–that the world listens when he or his cohorts speak.


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No Fifth Twilight Film, Says Source

Twilight fans will be disappointed to learn that there will NOT be a fifth movie in the Twilight series.  Yet.  Sources tell that “It is abs… READ MORE