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Bikini Girl

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: American Idol’s Bikini Girl Slams Bik...

American Idol has started off with a new crop of aspiring singing sensations, but there was a familiar site this week — just with a twist.

Idol hopeful … READ MORE

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American Idol’s Bikini Girl Makes A Splash In Santa Monica

She’s back! — and making a splash, as always!

One of American Idol‘s most memorable 2009 contestants, Katrina “Bikini GirlREAD MORE

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VIDEO: Kara DioGuardi Set To Walk Down The Aisle Soon

Kara DioGuardi will be hearing wedding bells soon.

The outspoken American Idol judge, who spiced up the eighth season with her sassy, brash wit, will be get… READ MORE

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Kara DioGuardi Talks Bikini, Adam Vs. Kris

Kara DioGuardi, who recently completed her first season as a judge on American Idol, said she was willing to make fun of herself by donning a bikini on the fin… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bikini Girl Slams Kara DioGuardi

While even the two finalists in Wednesday night’s American Idol finale parted friends, it turns out a feud is brewing between a former hopeful and a j… READ MORE

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Idol's Kara Dioguardi Upstages Bikini Girl; Flashes Crowd

If looks could kill, you’d be reading Kara Dioguardi’s memorial right about now.

Thankfully, the sassy American Idol judge is alive and well … READ MORE

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American Idol Bikini Girl's 16th Minute Of Fame

Someone needs to tell Katrina Darrell it’s over. She got her 15 minutes of fame as “Bikini Girl” on American Idol before being sent pack… READ MORE

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Sexy New Photos of 'Bikini Girl'

We’ve got sexy new photos of the girl who made even Simon smile on American Idol.

Yes, it’s “Bikini Girl” Katrina Darrell.… READ MORE

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Idol 'Bikini Girl' Hooters Exposed

Katrina Darrell, the “bikini girl” who set alight the season opener of American Idol, has always been a wild and crazy girl, but she always had … READ MORE

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'Bikini Girl' AKA 'Hooters Girl'

“Bikini Girl” today… “Hooters Girl” yesterday. More sexy photos of Katrina Darrell have surfaced since her American IREAD MORE