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Big Red Football

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Hasn’t He Heard Of The Big Red Scandal? Rick Ross Slammed For Celebrat...

Rick Ross has come under fire for collaborating on a rap track seemingly celebrating violating an unconscious woman.

At least one radio station so far has d… READ MORE

Steubenville Trial

Steubenville Residents ‘Relieved’ Justice Was Served In Bi...

As the convicted Big Red football rapists reel from the shock of the guilty verdict that was handed down at the weekend, residents of the small Ohio town are r… READ MORE


Steubenville Rape Accuser Breaks Down In Court: ‘I Woke Up With ...

The teenage girl accusing two high school football players of rape broke down in court on Saturday as she was shown photos of herself naked on the floor of the … READ MORE


Steubenville Rape Victim Branded A Liar By Former Friends During Explo...

The 16-year old girl at the center of the shocking Big Red football rape case has been branded a liar by former friends who took the stand on Saturday, and Rada… READ MORE

Big Red Football Rape Scandal Tearing Close Knit Steubenville, Ohio Co...

The trial of two high school football players who are accused of raping a highly intoxicated teenage girl is threatening to tear the close knit community of … READ MORE


Prosecutor Says Big Red Football Rape ‘Victim’ Was ‘Treated Like A Toy...

It is the controversial rape case that is dividing an Ohio town.

And now that court proceedings are under way against the two high school footballers accuse… READ MORE


Big Red Football Rape Trial Outrage Builds — Defense Argue Drunk...

A defense attorney in the controversial Ohio case of two High School football players accused of raping a highly intoxicated 16-year-old girl has argued t… READ MORE