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One Day Old Rare White Lion Cubs Snuggle Up To Lioness At Serbian Zoo

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Who wouldn’t want to find one of these little cuties under their Christmas tree?

A litter of extremely rare wh… READ MORE


Sick Puppy Sits Up Tall For Dinner In A Special Chair

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

“Sit, stay, rollover,” takes on a whole new meaning for this well-behaved pooch.

A sick puppy has gott… READ MORE


Dog Veterans Suffer From PTSD After The Horrors Of War

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Dogs increasingly fight alongside their human comrades in war zones and now more and more canine soldiers are suffe… READ MORE


Gas Chamber Survivor Daniel The Beagle Goes From Pound Dog To Talk Sho...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Anderson Cooper will welcome a very special guest to his talk show on Friday who has literally cheated death, and RadREAD MORE


Prairie Dogs Get Their Groove On And Show Off Their Hottest Moves

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Animal Planet met Dancing With The Stars when a quick-pawed prairie dog showed off his hottest moves, and RadarOnliREAD MORE


Laboratory Tested Beagles Finally See Sunlight After A Lifetime Of Cap...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

A pack of adorable Beagles took their first tentative steps into the sunlight after spending their entire lives loc… READ MORE


Panda ‘Babysitters’ Dresses Up As A Bear To Snuggle Up To Their Subjec...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Researchers in China have dared to bear in an effort to get up close and personal with their furry subjects, and RadarREAD MORE


Baby Gorilla Born At Chicago Zoo Dies, Just 9 Days Old

By Radar Staff

Hearts are breaking at the Lincoln Park Zoo where a baby gorilla, just 9 days old, has been found dead in her mother’s arms.



Loyal Chinese Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave For Seven Days,...

By Radar Staff

A loyal dog revealed his undying devotion to his dead owner by keeping watch on his grave for a week, even though it meant he could have starved t… READ MORE


Newborn Baby Gorilla Makes Her Debut At Chicago Zoo

By Radar Staff

A little new arrival is a big hit at a Chicago zoo as a baby gorilla greeted the world for the first time on Tuesday, and has the a… READ MORE


Purr-fectly Dressed Cats Pose In Feline Fashion Show

By Radar Staff

The country’s most fashionable felines strutted their stuff on the catwalk in a very special fashion show on Sunday and RadarOnline.READ MORE


Surf’s Pup! Dogs Hit The Waves For A Canine Casting Call

By Radar Staff

The slickest surfers in the canine world attended a special casting call on Wednesday to pick the best doggy wave-rider and RadarOnline.comREAD MORE


Newly Adopted Dog Saves Family Just Hours After Being Rescued From The...

By Radar Staff

He’d only been adopted hours earlier but already Hercules was feeling like part of the pack, springing into the role of guard dog when b… READ MORE


In Hog Heaven! Porky Models Put Their Best Trotter Forward And Strike ...

By Radar Staff

Put away the bacon sandwiches!

Dressed in pink outfits that would make Paris Hilton green with envy, a group of super cute piglets are showing … READ MORE


Aussie Officials Set Bait To Capture Sharks After Texas Diver Killed

By Radar Staff

The Western Australia state government Sunday set tuna as bait for great white sharks in the area, hoping to end a string of deadly attacks tha… READ MORE


Wild Animals On The Loose In Ohio; Town On Lockdown

By Radar Staff

In Zanesville, Ohio, police said as many as 18 of an estimated 48 wild animals that escaped from a wild-animal preserve, whose owner was found … READ MORE


Owner Of Wild Animals Released Them Before Committing Suicide

By Radar Staff

The owner of a wild-animal preserve — that housed as many as 48 wild and exotic animals — opened the pens and cages of his menageri… READ MORE


Owner Of Released Wild Animals ‘Was An Unusual Fella’ Says...

By Radar Staff

The owner of the 48 wild animals, who reportedly released them from their cages and menageries before killing himself, was well-known by man… READ MORE


Owner Of Wild Animals Released Them Before Committing Suicide

By Radar Staff

The owner of a wild-animal preserve — that housed as many as 48 wild and exotic animals — opened the pens and cages of his menageri… READ MORE


Simply Stunning! The Animal Kingdom’s Endangered Species Pose Fo...

By Radar Staff

A group of endangered animals was ready for their close-up when they won the modeling job of a lifetime posing for famed photographer, LenneREAD MORE