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EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Murphy's Brother "Not Shocked" By S...

Brittany Murphy’s brother Tony Bertolotti has exclusively told that he was “not shocked” to learn about the sudden death o… READ MORE

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Brittany Murphy’s Death Certificate Released

The death certificate of actress Brittany Murphy was released  Tuesday.

Read Brittany Murphy’s Death Certificate

In the paper, the manner of death of the … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Drug Overdose Like Heath Ledger’s Likely Ki...

After reviewing the long list of prescription drugs reportedly found in actress Brittany Murphy’s home, a toxicology expert tells that … READ MORE

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Ashton Kutcher Remembers Ex Brittany Murphy: “The World Lost A L...

Ashton Kutcher may have gone on to marry Demi Moore shortly after ending his relationship with Brittany Murphy in 2003, but the actor was quick to offer his c… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Murphy Body To Be Autopsied

An autopsy will be conducted as early as Monday on Brittany Murphy, has learned.

Murphy, 32, died suddenly Sunday morning after going int… READ MORE