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TV: Monday Hot List

Kim Raver stars in a juicy made-for-TV movie airing on Lifetime tonight called Bonds of Silence. She plays a widow trying to solve the mystery behind her hus… READ MORE

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The Kardashians are back with an all new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. All your burning questions are about to be answered. Will Kim find love no… READ MORE

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TV: Saturday Hot List

If you haven’t watched the heartbreaking series Last Chance Highway on Animal Planet yet—make tonight your night. It’s about an animal rescue specialist … READ MORE

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TV: Friday Hot List

There are two sides of the wedding spectrum to check out tonight.

First, there’s back-to-back episodes of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. In the first episod… READ MORE

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TV: Thursday Hot List

Nightline comes to primetime tonight with the first of a four-part series called Nightline Prime: Secrets of Your Mind—Why We Do What We Do. This fascinati… READ MORE

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TV: Wednesday Hot List

Things heat up on Top Chef: Washington D.C. when the cheftestants latest challenge becomes a matter of national security! Yes, they must transform famous … READ MORE

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Gossip Girl Is Back: Mon Dieu!

Ohhh la la! The season four premiere of “Gossip Girl” – which was shot in Paris – is back Monday, September 13 @ 9pm!

Take a sneak peek!


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TV: Tuesday Hot List

Whoa! Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart are back on TV and together again on the new ABC Family sitcom aptly titled Melissa and Joey. Melissa plays a busy po… READ MORE

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TV: Monday Hot List

Showtime debuts their latest series tonight called The Big C starring two Oscar nominees—Laura Linney and Gabourey Sidibe. Laura plays a wife and school t… READ MORE

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Food trucks are all the rage these days to get quick gourmet bites to eat! So, the Food Network is debuting The Great Food Truck Race hosted by Tyler Florence t… READ MORE

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There’s a sweet, made-for-TV movie on the Hallmark channel tonight. Class stars Justin Bruening as a rich law student who must help a single mom (Jodi Lynn O… READ MORE

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The Bunny House: That Hurt!

If you missed the E! show “The Bunny House” about the Playmates that really live next door, you’re in luck since it’s re-playing all this week. (Check your lo… READ MORE

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TV: Thursday Hot List

It’s only episode two, so we’re giving The Real Housewives of DC a chance to settle in before the major, blow-out drama begins. But tonight, Stacie has a soul … READ MORE

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Kayfabe Commentaries Takes You Behind The Curtain

If you’re a fan of pro wrestling, you’ve probably been entertained watching reality shows featuring mat stars out of their ring surrounding… READ MORE

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TV: Wednesday Hot List

If you’re hungry, then there’s plenty on TV to whet your appetite tonight. On Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Bobby goes head to head with Teresa and David MatiasREAD MORE

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HiYo! Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show Digitized For DVDs, Future Pr...

Johnny Carson‘s three decades of hosting The Tonight Show — spawning more than 3,000 hours of classic television — has been digitized … READ MORE

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TV: Tuesday Hot List

How much do we love that the “bananas” Rachel Zoe Project is back? Tonight the star power is in effect when Rachel and her team have five stars—Demi Moore, KatREAD MORE

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TV: Monday Hot List

Fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, get ready! The ultimate collision of both worlds comes alive tonight on the premiere of Bachelor Pad! Hosted by CREAD MORE

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TV: Sunday Hot List

A new generation of The Girls Next Door franchise begins tonight with The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House that follows the adventures of the Playmates in th… READ MORE

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TV: Saturday Hot List

America’s Most Wanted is one of those shows that could change your life—no one wants to discover that they know a criminal but in the event it turns out that yo… READ MORE