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Vacation Like A Celeb! St. Maarten

Want to vacation like a celebrity? The Caribbean island of St. Maarten has played host to some of the biggest stars in the world. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nick Cannon… READ MORE

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Palms Casino Goes All In On Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga‘s smash hit single Poker Face will be the anthem of a new ad campaign for The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Palms owner George Maloof told … READ MORE

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The Palm Springs hotel selection is often a grab bag of experiences: from spring break hot spots, to family-focused respites, to secluded romantic getawa… READ MORE

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Enter the World Of The Palms

Make no mistake; this is more than a hotel destination. More like a city onto itself, the luxurious Palms Casino Resort and Palms Place Condo and Spa offers e… READ MORE

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Michaelangelo L’Acqua To Bring Sweet Sounds To W Hotels Chain

Michaelangelo L’Acqua, an international music & fashion expert, has been inked to be the W Hotels’ first-ever global music director, a role in which t… READ MORE

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Chicago: The Hard Rock Hotel

When you think of the Hard Rock brand black leather and loud music may come to mind so we weren’t sure what to expect at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.


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BOSTON: The Colonnade Hotel

Though the exterior looks like your average chain hotel (especially in comparison with the quaint brownstone neighborhoods nearby), The Colonnade Hote… READ MORE

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Paradise in San Diego: Loews Coronado Bay Hotel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s a pirates bounty of reasons to visit the Loews Coronado Hotel:

Photo gallery here

When you hear the words “… READ MORE

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Best In Seattle: The Alexis Hotel

Kiefer Sutherland should have stayed in Seattle. Weeks before heading off to New York City and, um, head-butting a fashion designer, the 24 star chilled ou… READ MORE

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Rest And Relaxation in Rancho

The last time we went to the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in the Palm Springs area, we swore we would never would go back. The pool was too warm – more like a bath than … READ MORE

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Hotel St. Barth Isle de France

For an instant vaca moment in the middle of the day, just click on the link for Hotel St. Barth Isle de France, Ahhhhhh! Feel better?

One of the best addresses i… READ MORE

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Rock Out At the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

If it were true that everyone wanted to be a rock star, then everyone would want to stay at a Hard Rock Hotel. The San Diego location at the heart of the cityR… READ MORE

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Bikini Travel

If you’re traveling to that tropical paradise, Bali, don’t pack that bikini just yet!

The primarily Muslim country was considering banning the wearing of … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: “Love In Cabo!"

Star Natasha Henstridge (Species, The Whole Nine Yards) and her hunky finance Darius Daneish (British “Pop Idol” star) celebrated the five… READ MORE

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Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort

This is not your parents Hilton. The newly refurbished AAA four-diamond rated Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, CA is a lovely vacation … READ MORE

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Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal

When our family travels very often the hotel IS the designation and the Sofitel chain of Luxury hotels is one of our favorities. It’s a chance to enjoy … READ MORE

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“5 Star Luxury in Los Cabos”

Every time we look at online travel sites we find too many new places we want to visit, preferably right away. We bet the photo made you want to hop on a plane too… READ MORE

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“Queen of the Road”

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, going to the baggage claim — and your luggage is gone.

If you’re traveling wi… READ MORE

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It’s not what you think. “Flashpackers” are an older demo traveler who could afford luxury lodging but chooses budget options, such as hostels because it s… READ MORE

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TC2 iPod Charger

You’re on a non-stop plane to China and your dependable iPod suddenly goes dead around hour 2. Don’t you wish you had this TC2 iPod Charger?

The pocket –sized … READ MORE