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Compliments to the Management

Say what you want about Jennifer Aniston’s disastrous real-life love life, she’s still one of the best comedic actresses around. And she’s also pretty eas… READ MORE

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Star Trek Movie Review

When you hear Hollywood is “re-imagining” a classic television or movie franchise AGAIN expectations are usually low but J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” truly r… READ MORE

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“It’s the RealD”


What is RealD and why are all these stars wearing silly glasses? If you haven’t heard – or rather, seen – already, Hollywood loves 3D. “Monsters and Aliens,” … READ MORE

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New Transformers Trailer: Megan Fox Dons Daisy Dukes!

Well, they do say sex sells. In the new trailer for Transformers 2, Megan Fox hops on the back of a motorcycle in a tiny pair of denim short shorts, extending he… READ MORE

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Wolverine Makes a Midnight Splash

Hugh Jackman and Twentieth Century Fox are set to have a very good weekend. Their new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine brought in close to $5 million through m… READ MORE

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Hugh Jackman is a stud. The guy can sing show tunes as much as he wants, as long as every few years he puts on those adamantium claws. Much has been made about Hug… READ MORE

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Movie Review: The Soloist


Robert Downey Jr. is like Midas — everything he touches turns to gold. Would it be too much to say he’s our greatest living actor? Perhaps. But the truth is, me… READ MORE

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Sweet 17

Attention all MILFs, Cougars and gay men: Zac Efron is now officially age-appropriate to be the object of your sexual fantasies. However, it might be a litt… READ MORE

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“Iron Man is Back!”

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for “Iron Man 2,” the sequel to the 08 blockbuster about the comic’s character that made Downey a Superhero.… READ MORE

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Observe and Report: “Totally Offensive , Disturbed, and You’ll Love It...

Observe and Report is dark, disturbed and totally offensive — yet, somehow manages to be the most heartwarming comedy of the year so far. Not surpris… READ MORE

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Hot Weekend Movie Pick


With a title like Adventureland, you’d expect some thrills in this coming-of-age comedy. But frankly, it’s about as fun as standing in line for a rollercoa… READ MORE

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“Monsters vs. Aliens” Movie Review: Monster Hit

Reese Witherspoon may get top billing in Monsters vs. Aliens, but the real star here is the snazzy InTru 3-D technology. This goes way beyond random objects … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson’s Lost Movie

He may be currently in Vancouver filming the surely blockbuster installment of the Twilight series, but Robert Pattinson was very recently just another s… READ MORE

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Hot Movie Pick for this Weekend!


There’s a lot for guys to like about the bromantic comedy I Love You, Man. The best jokes revolve around farting, projectile vomit, a pooping dog, b… READ MORE

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Movie Picks for this Weekend

For thriller fans, The Last House on the Left is a remake of of the 1972 horror/thriller from macabre master, Wes Craven.  The tagline for the original flick … READ MORE

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Natasha Richardson: Celebrating Her Work

Natasha Richardson‘s body of work illustrates a talent whose versatility transcended the screen and stage. 

She received a Tony award in 1988 for hREAD MORE

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Movies: Andy Samberg to Host MTV Movie Awards

Who? You know, that guy from Saturday Night Live. Admittedly, one of the most raucous (read: fun) movie awards, this year the MTV Movie Awards will air live f… READ MORE