Bruno Is Fagulous!

Bruno is ballsy, hysterical and totally offensive (in the good way). But be forewarned: anyone who isn’t completely comfortable with sexuality and/or homosexuality is in for a shock. Forget Brokeback… READ ON


Is Nia Vardalos the new Barbra Streisand? At least three times in My Life in Ruins, the characters around her tell her she’s pretty or skinny. Her obvious low self-esteem… READ ON


After the earsplitting cacophony of Terminator Salvation and the bulging veins of Wolverine, Disney Pixar’s Up is a summer breeze, a welcome breath of fresh air. In this clever and… READ ON


You know her as Jan on the popular TV show The Office but Melora Hardin is also a movie star, (Hannah Montana, 17 Again, Thank You For Smoking), a recording… READ ON