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Movie Review: A Prophet

Exquisitely etched and viscerally powerful, A Prophet (Un Prophet) is one of the best films of the year so far. With spare beauty and deft storytelling, it&… READ MORE

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QVC At The Oscars

Wondering what to wear for your Oscar viewing party? Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to be attending the actual Academy Awards ceremony? Tune in to QVCREAD MORE

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Video Trailer For New “Runaways” Movie!

All the Twilight fans may be excited about the new “Runaways” movie because it stars Kristen Stewart , but music lovers can’t wait to see the story on the big s… READ MORE

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Brendan Fraser Wins 3D Award

Brendan Fraser took home a top award at the first ever International 3D Society’s Lumiere Awards Tuesday night at Hollywood’s Mann Chinese Theater.


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Movie Review: Shutter Island

Taut, visually compelling and set to an imaginative set of aural cues and musical nuances, Shutter Island attempts to question the very grounding of the mi… READ MORE

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Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

Star-studded and glowing with director Garry Marshall‘s gooey warmth, Valentine’s Day is an unabashedly feel-good film with enough humanity to b… READ MORE

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Movie Review: From Paris With Love

Sexy, slick and rushing by at a swift pace, From Paris with Love is an ode not so much to a foreign city as to good, old-fashioned action flicks with some fresh t… READ MORE

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Gillette Uncut: Will.i.am, All American Rejects Get Raw and Ready

In super-saturated colors, textured sepia tones and grainy black-and-white shots, music artists are stripped down and laid bare in Uncut, a new document… READ MORE

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Movie Review: When In Rome

Ciao bellas, welcome to Rome! A place where the love-lorn wish for better luck by tossing coins into a fountain. The kind of city where a kid sister can marry a … READ MORE

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Swag Suites At Sundance: Who Got What

The Sundance Film Festival wouldn’t be complete without the swag suites, where the stars stock up on free gear and goodies. As the celebrities depart from s… READ MORE

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Movie Review: Creation

Gripping in its intensity and eye-opening with its juxtapositions, Creation is a glimpse of the intersection of Charles Darwin’s public and private live… READ MORE

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Movie Review: The Book of Eli

With unshakable equanimity and an ever-present air of wisdom, Denzel Washington is the thinking man’s tough guy. From drug lord turf wars to legal conspir… READ MORE

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Movie Review: Youth in Revolt

Sometimes, you have to break the rules to get what you want. For Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) — a 16-year-old with an exceptional vocabulary and burning … READ MORE

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Meet Your 2010 Oscar Hosts!

We’re predicting it here first—the 82nd Academy Awards will go down in history! First, the Best Picture category is now opened up to ten nominees. That’s a w… READ MORE

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James McAvoy To Play James Bond’s Creator

James McAvoy has been tipped to play James Bond creator Ian Fleming in a new movie.

The Atonement actor has reportedly been approached to star as the writer i… READ MORE

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Movie Review: Up In The Air

Is happiness a home? Actually: Not just a home, but a one with appliances and electronics and furniture and a dog and kids and a spouse?

For layoff expert Ryan … READ MORE

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Oscars: More Than 270 Films Eligible For Nomination, Academy Says

With the 82nd Academy Awards less than three months away, let’s take a look at the process its takes before the very lucky few take the stage to collect … READ MORE

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Movie Review: Crazy Heart

Just about everything in Crazy Heart could have been a cliché. There’s the washed-up, whiskey-soaked country singer, looking for his return to the spotli… READ MORE

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Maggie Gyllenhaal in Crazy Heart: “Motherhood’s Made Me a ...

In Crazy Heart, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the kind of woman she’s so good at portraying: strong, smart and decisive, with an understated beauty that’s hard t… READ MORE

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Movie Review: The Lovely Bones

What happens to us after we die? What does death mean for the living?

In The Lovely Bones, writer-director Peter Jackson tackles those questions with the sa… READ MORE