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Wash That Keyboard!

If you think about it for one sec, imagine the festering germs your keyboard is hoarding. Scary, right? So Kensington came up with the Washable USB/PS2 Keyb… READ MORE

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Go Street With Sports Headband

We usually embrace any technology that does away with wires, so you would think we’d go crazy over this music headband for i360 but we really don’t like the st… READ MORE

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XLink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway: Handy Device Routes Cell Phone Calls...

Your cell phone is ringing and you are making a mad dash for it, hurdling the dog, cornering past furniture and maybe even charging down steps as you follow th… READ MORE

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Radius: Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone 3G

If you’re looking for a quality set of earphones for your iPhone, more expensive is not necessarily better.

The proof is in the form of Radius Atomic Bass Ear… READ MORE

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Otterbox: All the protection with none of the bulk


Get serious about protecting your gadgets! Personally, we’re sporting the brand-new Impact OtterBox case for our Blackberry Curve 8300 which offers ext… READ MORE

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“Dress Up Your iPod”

When we saw this new iPod iClear sketch from Griffin, we just had to have it. Your iPod shows through a ghosted pattern (choose between “8-Bit” or “Baroque” pREAD MORE

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“Cushy Gadget”

Who doesn’t love a simple gadget that makes your life easier ? One of those “why didn’t I think of that?” gizmos.

Belkin has done t… READ MORE

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Build your own Stroller

If you can customize your computer, get the features you want in most tech gadgets, then why shouldn’t you be able to “build” your own stroller?

At teutonia, … READ MORE

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Bag it!

Is it a messenger bag? A purse? No, it’s the Baggino a diaper bag cum changing belt. Modern Moms – and let’s not forget the dads – don’t want to be carrying flora… READ MORE

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Would you pay over $100 for a pair of snowboard goggles?

If they were the Dragon Rogue snow goggles with the latest in air flow/anti-fog technology, in fashion–forward neon colors, you sure would.

Not only are th… READ MORE

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Watch out Apple, there’s a new MP3 player in town!

SanDisk, the company known for their flash memory cards, have devised a compact, good-looking music player that  comes bundled with a slotRadio card pre… READ MORE

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GIMME: Echo Bot

At first look, we thought this was just another wacky web but upon further inspection, realized the eye is actually a motion detector!  The creepy looking t… READ MORE

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TRAVEL: Top Travel Gadgets: Don’t Leave Home without Them: Part 1

Swiss Army Knife
Number one on our list is something we carry with us every day. Yep, a Swiss Army Knife. There are a zillion models but we like the Voyager Lite … READ MORE

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GIMMIE: Kid Finder

If you tend to lose track of your children often (and we’re not making any judgment calls here) this handy dandy tracking device is just what you need. It’s ca… READ MORE

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GIMMIE: Buggy iPod Speaker Dock

They must really love bugs. Vestalife, who are known for their bug-inspired speakers, have at least come up with one that won’t sting or bite this time.


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GIMME: Hang Time App

Like to catch big air? Then you’ll flip over the new HangTimer app for iPhone, which measures your, um, hang time. As the site says:

HangTimer uses the … READ MORE

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GIMME: Otterbox for Travel


So you like to travel with all your electronics but after spending oodles of money on your latest tech, you’re worried about protecting them. With the Otter… READ MORE

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GIMME: Chalkboard Speakers

Don’t tell anyone we found this at PB Teen, but this Chalkboard Speaker not only hides your iPod speakers, but you can leave messages on the chalk board, “Eng… READ MORE

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GIMME: Take Off With Flythru

You know it’s happened to you too — you’re running late for a flight and get snagged in security airport while you struggle to get your la… READ MORE