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Stick It In Your Ear – Or Not

For consumers who don’t like sticking something in their ears, the Phiaton PS 320 headphones at $199 are a good choice. After a while, even the best ear buds c… READ MORE

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Simple Human: Sensor Soap Pump

Simple Human makes simply brilliant products. Take the sensor soap pump which dispenses soap touch-free (avoid cross-contamination) and replaces the u… READ MORE

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Vuzix iWear AV310: Ultimate Video Glasses

Beam this up, Scotty. Vuzix’s iWear AV310 Widescreen video eyewear ($249.95) is the only way to watch movies on a plane, train or automobile. No more … READ MORE

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Tech Hat: Nobis

Hang on to your hat. Literally. Tighten your cap with a twist of the wrist. Nobis’ new Caps_LockT system allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments to varyin… READ MORE

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OtterBox: For Your New iPhone 3GS

So, you finally got the new iPhone 3GS and you’re loving the video feature, the voice control, editing and of course the Cut N’ Paste feature (rub it in) but yo… READ MORE

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Nike SportBand

After months of rumors, Nike has finally released their latest Nike SportBand, a watch-like device for athletes that displays their vital information in… READ MORE

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Awesome Stylus For iPhone

If you’re as obsessed with your iPhone as we are, you’ll love the Pogo Stylus by Ten One ($14.95). Keep your phone free from screen scratches and smudges. The … READ MORE

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Black Icing: For Your Electronics

We are an admitted magpie; anything that glitters attracts us. But not in this case.

The iPhone is a clean, beautiful design so to cover it up seems like a crim… READ MORE

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Scary Sound

Reminiscent of Pac-Man, the iBoo by Speakal has a built-in subwoofer, 3 speakers, sleek touch based controls and a total output of 15 watts. Not bad for unde… READ MORE

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Cool it with the CRYO!

We recently tested the NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler and it left us feeling calm and cool! The Cryo S by NZXT fit our 15 inch laptop perfectly and the frame was wel… READ MORE

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WATCH: California Chap’s Clever Commercial Conquers Customizatio...

An innovative minute-long video entry netted California man Jared Cicon a cool $10,000 in a clever contest sponsored by Skinit.com, a business that provi… READ MORE

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New In-Ear Ear Phones: Great Price

When you try out these colorful new ear phones from Creative Labs, you’ll guess they retail for around $100. You’d be wrong.  These EP-630 earphones are a gr… READ MORE

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Click It With Clipa

Like most gals, I own numerous handbag clips, meant to keep our purse off a sticky floor. Problem is, you can never find it when you want it, right?
So this Clip… READ MORE

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Default Earbuds; Upgrade to Phiaton PS 2...

Most of the ear buds that come with an iPod or MP3 player are poorly made and deliver crappy sound. You need to upgrade – STAT!

One of our favorite new earphones … READ MORE

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Put It In Orbit: Tiny Speaker For MP3 Players

At the beach with some friends wishing you were listening to music by your favorite artists? Check.  Tired of your headphones? (only fun for one)  Want grea… READ MORE

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Samson StudioDock 3i Active USB Monitors

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER! The proof of that is the Samson StudioDock Active USB Monitors, which are perfect for music producers (professional and wannabe alik… READ MORE

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Style, Meet Sound: Roxy and JBL Headphones

Beach designer Roxy partnered with sound pioneer JBL to create a co-branded line of audio gear specifically sized for women. While style is important let’… READ MORE

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iPhone 3G S: The "S" Stands for Speed

As expected, Apple introduced the new iPhone 3G S, featuring improved speed and performance—reportedly up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G (big YAY!) —longer … READ MORE

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We Didn't Flip Over The Dual-Flip Alias

Verizon’s Samsung Alias 2 has the same popular dual–hinge design of the  original Alias, but the Alias 2 adds a “Magic Key” keypad using E Ink technology. In … READ MORE

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Text and Learn: Kid’s PDA

Scary statistics: One in 6 parents have found their PDA – whether it’s a Trio, Palm, Blackberry, iPhone – in the trash or even worse, the toilet! Anyone with a … READ MORE