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DVD Review: Paper Heart

“I don’t care if I ever do a movie again, but this is my dream movie. Everyone is curious about love.”

In that simple belief, Paper Heart’s star and co-writer CREAD MORE

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Have A Killer Christmas!

This week, Las Vegas rockers the Killers release their fourth Christmas single, “Happy Birthday Guadalupe,” which will benefit (RED), with all the proce… READ MORE

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“Think Pink For Xmas!”


Pink may have scored her first Number One song in America—ever—this year with “So What”, but she’s always been huge in Australia! And th… READ MORE

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DVD Releases for December 1, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (PG)

Security guard Larry Daley returns in the family-friendly Museum sequel to rescue his historical budd… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Kobe Doin’ Work

Excitement. Sweat. Strategy. And trash talk… in Spanish.

Welcome to a night in the life of Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, courtesy his Number … READ MORE

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Is Brüno savvy social commentary, or offensive polemic? Riotous satire...


The DVD, which arrived this week, reveals that it may be all that and more. In new commentary, writer/producer Sacha Baron Cohen tacitl… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Star Trek

More than 40 years after the USS Enterprise first launched, J.J. Abrams sexed up Star Trek for the modern age with his big-screen edition, banking more than … READ MORE

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DVD Review: The Ugly Truth

All men are really dogs trying to get women to disrobe. All women really are mushy romantics, hopelessly waiting for Mr. Right. If ladies would just wear tig… READ MORE

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DVD Releases for the Week of November 9, 2009

The Ugly Truth (PG-13)

Abby Richter is a perpetually single TV producer who’s on a quest to find Mr. Right. When her boss teams her up with TV personality Mike … READ MORE

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DVD Review: Chéri

Cougars aren’t hard to miss. Sipping top-shelf martinis at the bars, strutting in new Manolos, and joy-riding in shiny BMWs: their pursuit of virile, youn… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Whatever Works

“People make life so much worse than it needs to be,” opines Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David) in the opening scene of Whatever Works. And Boris should know: He… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

It’s been de rigueur to moan about director Michael Bay and his behemoth blockbusters, ripping his work to shreds faster than a summer movie season. But a re… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Drag Me to Hell

Leave it to Sam Raimi to find humor in even the scariest of prospects, like being cursed, harassed by evil spirits and destined to go to hell in three days. In t… READ MORE

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DVD Review: The Proposal

Finding a husband in New York is tough. Even tougher? Finding a husband when you’re a powerful, socially awkward woman who’s universally hated — not … READ MORE

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DVD Releases for the Week of October 12

Drag Me to Hell (PG-13)

Horror guru Sam Raimi brings us the story of Christine Brown, a young woman who seemingly has it all. That is, until she becomes the rec… READ MORE

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Filth and Wisdom: Madonna’s Directorial Debut Arrives on DVD

Madonna may be the queen of reinvention, but sometimes it’s OK to leave well enough alone. Her 2008 directorial debut Filth and Wisdom arrived on DVD … READ MORE

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Lymelife DVD Review: In Suburbia, Sex, Drugs & Growing Up Never G...

The raw material is familiar: It’s the 1970s. Two suburban couples are struggling with marital and monetary issues, while their kids are angsty, experime… READ MORE

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DVD Review: Patrick Swayze’s City of Joy (1992)

Over the span of his career, Patrick Swayze appeared in dozens of productions, playing characters that mostly had a few key assets: seductive dance moves, … READ MORE

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Go Go Godzilla — On Blu Ray!

Ready to enjoy a time-tested classic with all the modern trimmings? A digitally, HD re-mastered version of Godzilla, the influential 1954 black-and-whi… READ MORE

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Top DVD Rentals For Last Week

1 The Haunting in Connecticut Virginia Madsen

2 Knowing Nicolas Cage

3 Push Chris Evans

4 Gran Torino Clint Eastwood

5 The Unborn Odette Yustman

6 Tyler Perr… READ MORE