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BEAUTY RADAR: Decleor For Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Decleor Paris has launched new Breast Cancer Awareness Aromatherapy Kits for every skin type! Each sw… READ MORE

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BEAUTY RADAR: Rachel Weisz Is The New L’Oreal Lady — But N...

Rachel Weisz has scored herself a beautiful deal with L’Oreal! The brunette babe was named as the face of the cosmetics giant for all markets worldwide, exc… READ MORE

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BEAUTY RADAR: A New Way To Shop For Beauty Products: Birchbox

If you are always on the search for the coolest new beauty products like we are, then you have to check out the recently launched concept Birchbox, which brin… READ MORE

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Scrub Your Way To A Cure This Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

LaLicious has acquired a cult following for their yummy and skin-quenching lotions, scrubs and body washes, scoring slots at all the hottest spas and luxe … READ MORE

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Pucker Up For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What better way to get kissable lips than to do so for a cause!  Gloss your lips and feel good about it during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with BeauREAD MORE

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From Your Office To The Spa—In Just One Mist!

We first noticed the Sponge skincare line at the Barney¹s New York Cosmetics counter, and were immediately drawn to the minimalist and organic feeling ski… READ MORE

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Jordin Sparks Hits A High Note With Her Own Fragrance Deal

Want to smell like an American Idol? Jordin Sparks is releasing her first fragrance, Because of You, according to Women’s Wear Daily, and the best part?  It … READ MORE

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PHOTOS: GUESS Girls Get Glam For Seductive Fragrance Launch

It was an aromatic evening on Wednesday, as Hollywood starlets gathered together for the GUESS Seductive worldwide launch, which was hosted by Vanessa Hu… READ MORE

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Rodney Cutler Revamps The All-In-One Product

We have been fans of Rodney Cutler’s hair care line for several years, so we were delighted to learn that the New York City based stylist had a new product on th… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Beauty Tips From Snooki & More!

Snooki and a host of stars flocked to a Marina Del Rey yacht Monday, where cosmetic manufacturers Frownies launched their product Beautiful Eyes with a Ham… READ MORE

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Glamoureyes Mascara

Who needs false eye lashes with al the new, fab mascaras? We especially like the brand –new Stila Glamoureyes which lengthens, volumizes and curls without … READ MORE

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Weekender Fall Collection

We recently discovered Jouer costmetics, when a publicist sent us the new “Weekender Fall Collection,” a collection of everything you’d need, from trio o… READ MORE

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Smell Like Taylor, Get Skin Like Julianna, And Tattoos Like…Beyo...

Celebs and beauty go hand in hand, so it is never surprising when they score themselves coveted contracts. has the latest beauty news cour… READ MORE

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The Plant Spa: Plantogen

Plantogen products are all derived from, you guessed it, plants, like the Manuka honey which comes from Australia and New Zealand and is known for it’s heal… READ MORE

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Take A HINT: Water Makes You Beautiful

Forget expensive face creams and serums, the one beauty essential that all experts agree on is H2O!  Water not only quenches thirst, but also helps your com… READ MORE

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A Fling-Worthy Fragrance

Can fragrance really attract the opposite sex? Over the years several clinical studies have been conducted to uncover the laws of attraction when it comes … READ MORE

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“Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss” Packs A Nearly Naked Surprise!

Ohh la la! Check out this decadent Urban Decay “Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.” When you tilt the tube, your well-dressed man around town strips to his undies (yes… READ MORE

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Get The Look: Megan Fox’s Sultry Waves

Megan Fox hit the red carpet of the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her latest movie Power Play in truly ravishing style. Wearing a gorgeou… READ MORE

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Celeb Make-up Fave: Lisa Ashley

We kept hearing about Lisa Ashley (Madonna raved about it in Glamour magazine) so called up Ms. Ashley to ask her what was going on. Turns out, Lisa used to be a … READ MORE

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Hot Wax, Soft Skin: Jimmy Jane’s Afterglow Body Oil Candles

Ever have a candle that smelled so good, you wanted to rub it all over your body?  Even if the answer is “no” you may have a change of heart when you light up one of … READ MORE