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No More Garden Yetis? SkyMall Files For Bankruptcy

Say goodbye to the hot dog bun cooker, because SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy.… READ MORE

Movie Review: Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai Is ‘Very, Very Bad’

Johnny Depp’s newest movie Mortdecai is getting terrible reviews, and this one says the film is “very, very bad.”… READ MORE

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Is Coming To Broadway

It’s in the early stages, but the beloved Robin Williams film ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is heading to Broadway.… READ MORE

Seth Rogan Apologizes For ‘American Sniper’ Comments

Seth Rogan apologized for his ‘American Sniper’ Comments but ultra-liberal Alec Baldwin came to his defense.… READ MORE

Al Pacino Reveals What He’d Be If He Wasn’t An Actor

Al Pacino says he’s probably be a short-order cook if he wasn’t an award winning actor.… READ MORE

Miley Cyrus Admists She Can’t Spell Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s new girlfriend, known for her twerking, not her schooling, admits she has trouble spelling her famous boyfriend’s last name.… READ MORE

Here's Why Judi Dench Put Weinstein On Her Butt

She wanted to thank the producer, but she wasn’t sure how.… READ MORE

James Patterson's Latest Novel Will Literally Self-Destruct

One copy will explode; others are only readable for 24 hours.… READ MORE

The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards

See the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s hottest attendants.… READ MORE

Seth Rogen Apologizes For 'American Sniper' Comments

Alec Baldwin defends ‘Interview’ star over ‘American Sniper’ Comments… READ MORE

The Real Housewives, Prince William & Streaking!

His name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this awards season after his breathtaking portrayal of acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of EveREAD MORE

Jay Leno Supports Bill Cosby Accusers

Jay Leno weighs in on the Bill Cosby scandal, supporting the women who claim that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually abused them.… READ MORE

Jennifer Garner Won't Diet Anymore

Most celebrities are dieting and working out for their Oscar gowns, but not Jennifer Garner!… READ MORE