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Jay Leno Supports Bill Cosby Accusers

Jay Leno weighs in on the Bill Cosby scandal, supporting the women who claim that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually abused them.… READ MORE

Jennifer Garner Won't Diet Anymore

Most celebrities are dieting and working out for their Oscar gowns, but not Jennifer Garner!… READ MORE

Jennifer Aniston: 'I Want to Get Pregnant!'

After years of avoiding the subject, Jennifer Aniston finally opens up about secret wish for motherhood.… READ MORE

Sylvester Stallone Surprises Fans At 'Rocky' Steps

He’s back on his old stomping grounds and surprising fans!… READ MORE

Bravo Star Killed Trying To Outrun Train

Bravo fitness star Greg Plitt tragically died while filming an energy drink commercial.… READ MORE

Jude Law At 'Black Sea' NYC Screening

Hottie alert! Jude Law looks sleek and handsome for the NYC premiere of Black Sea.… READ MORE

Ivy League Track Star Commits Suicide

Ivy League Track Star's Parents Share Heartbreaking Suicide Note

One year ago, Madison Holleran, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, jumped to her death from a Philadelphia parking garage, leaving behind a note … READ MORE

Victoria's Secret Angels Play Football in Honor of Super Bowl 2015

The Victoria’s Secret Angels just released a commercial teaser in honor of the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl to remind you to do some Valentine’s Day shopping!… READ MORE

Ellie Goulding Will Ballroom Dance in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Video

Ellie Goudling reveald that she will be ballroom dancing in her upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey music video for “Love Me Like You Do.”… READ MORE

What Chimps Say When They Talk to Each Other

Chimps chat, just like we do—and like many of us, they spend a lot of time gabbing about what they want to eat and where they’re going to get their next me… READ MORE

Tootsie Roll CEO Dead at 95

Melvin Gordon, who led Tootsie Roll Industries for more than five decades, has died at age 95.… READ MORE

Bar Refaeli Checks In at STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards

Supermodel Bar Refaeli shows off her gorgeous legs at the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards.… READ MORE

Johnny Depp Makes Fun Of Actors Who Try To Be Musicians

Don’t quit your day job actors – Johnny Depp says those that practice the craft shouldn’t try to be musicians too.… READ MORE

Don’t Call Jennifer Lopez A Cougar

Jennifer Lopez says guys aren’t called cougars and she doesn’t want to be either!… READ MORE

Lindsey Vonn Backs Tiger Woods’ Tooth Story

Pro-golfer Tiger Woods’ bizarre story about how he lost a tooth it the truth, according to his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.… READ MORE

Milla Jovovich Happy With New Pregnancy Weight

Actress Milla Jovovich says she’s gained all the weight she needs for a healthy pregnancy.… READ MORE

President Obama Car Chase

Pres. Obama Had ‘Love Child’ With Woman Gunned Down After Car Chase...

President Barack Obama had a Conn. woman named Miriam Carey killed to cover up a love child scandal, conspiracy theorists are claiming.

The controversy is … READ MORE