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Wahlberg's Ex-Bodyguard Said Actor Should Not Be Pardoned For Assault

Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for assaults he committed in 1988, including hitting a Vietnamese man in the head with a stick and punching another. Not e… READ MORE

How 'Star Wars' Nearly Ruined Natalie Portman's Career

Currently, everyone’s collectively excited for John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac. They are the newcomers to the Star Wars univers… READ MORE

Police Seek Gunman After Texas TV Meteorologist Shot

Authorities were searching for a gunman after a TV meteorologist was shot multiple times during an altercation Wednesday in a Central Texas TV station… READ MORE

Kim Kardashian's 67 Most Busty Photos Of All Time

Kim Kardashian’s booty gets all the attention — but not because she hasn’t tried to focus eyes on her chest! These 67 photos show that Kardashian is ju… READ MORE

Beyonce Accused Of Lifting Hungarian Folk Music

Well, this is a little different from the usual music copyright lawsuits: Beyonce has been accused of illegally sampling a Roma folk song by a Hungarian sin… READ MORE

Kate Middleton Meets Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter

The Royal Family owns dozens of properties all over England, and they need every square foot of them to hide all of the skeletons in their closets. It has been … READ MORE

Ashanti Testifies Against Fan On Trial For Stalking Her Again

Ashanti says she was “disgusted” and “absolutely scared” when she learned in July 2013 that a fan who had been convicted of stalking her had since b… READ MORE

Check Out Kendall Jenner’s Photos From January 2015 Vogue

Her life is a virtual latest feat is a feature in the January 2015 issue of Vogue. The E! reality television babe gave her fans a preview of the shoot and added t… READ MORE

Anna Kendrick Discusses Cat Toy-Dildo Scandal With David Letterman

She’s not afraid to speak her mind and Anna Kendrick had David Letterman’s jaw on the floor during “The Late Show” last night. The “Into the Woods… READ MORE

Kate Middleton Becomes A Beaver Scout

She’s always been great with children, and on Tuesday Kate Middleton showed up at the new 23rd Poplar Beaver Scout Colony in East London. Sporting a black … READ MORE

Ex-Bodyguard: Don’t Pardon Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for assaults he committed in 1988, including hitting a Vietnamese man in the head with a stick and punching another. Not e… READ MORE

Theaters Drop ‘The Interview’ Despite Government Approved Ending

The U.S. government reportedly gave the thumbs-up to the ending of the film The Interview, in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un‘s head blows up, … READ MORE

Randy Quaid Stranded Abroad

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evgenia are suing John Kerry and the State Department to recover passports that the government revoked three years ago. The S… READ MORE

Jennifer Lawrence in New York City

Jennifer Lawrence is seen in NYC in her posh leopard print sweater.… READ MORE

Aldean’s ‘Just Gettin’ Started’ Was Almost Album Title

For the longest time, Jason Aldean didn’t have a title for his now-platinum sixth studio album Old Boots, New Dirt. In fact, he and his team kept referring … READ MORE

Kate Middleton Breaks Protocol At Beaver Scouts Event

Kate Middleton breaks protocol and rebels against Queen Elizabeth by wearing a hoodie on an official royal engagement to play with Beaver Scouts – is The … READ MORE

Leaked Sony Emails Decry 'Irritating' James Franco

Celebrities continue to be embarrassed by the leaked emails coming out of the Sony hack, and the latest victim is James Franco.… READ MORE

Katy Perry Goes ‘Alice in Wonderland’ For CoverGirl

The more colorful flowers and stunning scenery, the better, and Katy Perry looked like she fit right in on the set of her new CoverGirl commercial.… READ MORE

Emily Ratajkowski Flirty With Panda For 'Love' Magazine

Taking her turn in the Love magazine Advent Calendar 2014, Emily Ratajkowski shows off her dance moves and sexy body.… READ MORE

Man Hands Out $100s Bills To Coffee Shop Workers

A generous mystery man has made the holiday season a little brighter for employees of two Massachusetts coffee shops.… READ MORE