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Kate Middleton To Vacation In Mustique

Kate Middleton is leaving Prince William to vacation with her family and Prince George in Mustique and she’s hoping that Prince William doesn’t cheat on he… READ MORE

Busy Philipps Shares Her Weird Baby Dream

Busy Philipps treats herself to some lingerie from Agent Provocateur on Sunday afternoon in West Hollywood, Calif.… READ MORE

Weight-Loss Strategies That Don't Change The Way You Eat

There’s more to losing weight than just changing what you eat. In fact, some of the best weight-loss tips and strategies have nothing to do with what&… READ MORE

JCPenney Brings Back Its Dead-Tree Catalog

JCPenney has found that even in the Internet age, print has its place.… READ MORE

‘Selma’ Expected To Bring Thousands To Alabama

The 50th anniversary of the civil rights marches in Selma and the movie that tells the story are expected to bring thousands of visitors to this historic Ala… READ MORE

Hot Hollywood Mamas

These stars prove moms are some of the hottest gals on the planet.… READ MORE

Kim Kardashian’s Tiniest Dresses

Because sometimes those with the most to cover, wear the least.… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner’s Changing Look

Over the years, former Olympian Bruce Jenner‘s appearance has changed drastically. We look back at the evolution of the Kardashian step-dad̵… READ MORE

Bachelor Contestant Tracy Lynn Darakis Arrested Underage Drinking

‘Bachelor’ Star Tracy Darakis’ Alcohol-Fueled Run-In With Cops Exposed...

Bachelor contestant Tracy Lynn Darakis may seem sweet and innocent, but looks can be deceiving! has learned that the fourth grade teache… READ MORE

Who Is Playing in Super Bowl 2015?

The AFC Championship game just ended and the New England Patriots pulled off a huge win against the Indianapolis Colts, giving them a one way ticket to the 20… READ MORE

Grateful Dead Reuniting for 3 Final Shows

“Bittersweet” is how Rolling Stone describes it: The four surviving members of the original Grateful Dead are getting together to play thre… READ MORE

Dashcam Viral: Cop Lip-Syncs To Taylor Swift

“While reviewing dashcam footage,” ominously begins the Dover Police Department’s Facebook post, “we come across some interestin… READ MORE

NBC's Robert Greenblatt Cuts Ties With Bill Cosby

Continuing to splash headlines, Bill Cosby received another reckoning of public backlash from NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt earlier th… READ MORE

Lucas Throws Shade Towards ‘Political’ Oscars

The upcoming Academy Awards are undeniable facing criticsm for its lack of diversity in the nominated categories, and whether the backlash is warranted o… READ MORE

Redford: GOP Is 'Living In The 1950’s' Concerning The Environment

Robert Redford, a guest on the latest edition of Variety‘s PopPolitics on SiriusXM, says that the Republican drive to pass a bill greenlighting the Keysto… READ MORE

Israel, Lebanon Miss Universe Contestants In Spat Over Selfie

When does a selfie featuring two beauty queens become an international incident? When the countries involved are Israel and Lebanon, of course.… READ MORE

Before They Were Famous

What were they doing before they started making millions?… READ MORE

Star Politics: Who Leans Left, And Who Leans Right

Celebrities who lean to one side … or the other.… READ MORE