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Get Cozy With Curl Up And Dye Mascara

Long sexy lashes are every girl’s dream, and if you don’t want to splash out for eye lash extensions then great mascara is a must!

We test-drove Hard Candy’s C… READ MORE

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Look FAB In The Sun: And Stay Protected

It’s hard to look good in the summer if you’re smeared with sunscreen, and sometimes a girl just has to look her best at a backyard BBQ party. We tried Shiseido… READ MORE

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Voluptuous? We Checked It Out

Yes, we’re trying yet another mascara. Seems like there is a new one every week. This time we’re experimenting with Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto Voluptuous READ MORE

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A Brighter Face in A Bottle

Many of us are faced with dull and tired looking skin. With all the stresses and toxins in the air, it’s hard not to have a suffering epidermis. With Lumene Vit… READ MORE

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Ready to Take It All Off?

Have you taken off nail polish and noticed your hands are left dry and chaffed? Most nail polish removers are loaded with chemicals that are harsh, drying, a… READ MORE

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Miracle in a Jar?

In this day and age, many of us struggle with dry dehydrated hands and rough cracked feet. There are many products on the market that promise to “fix” dry prob… READ MORE

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Tattoo You: Kat Von D Temporary Tattoos

Even as someone with more than a few real tattoos, I’ve definitely tried different temporary options before. They’re fun for costumes, for going out, or ev… READ MORE

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e-Beauty Redefined: Sephora’s Mobile Shopping Experience

The last thing we need is another way to shop, but you know we’re totally going to be addicted to Sephora’s new shopping tool, SephoraMobile. With a kit of fea… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Do Celebs Look Better With Long Or Short Hair?

One of the most dramatic ways a star can makeover their look is to chop off their locks.  Over the years we have witnessed several tress transformations in Ho… READ MORE

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Get Fresh With Mark

Let’s get real, with all the harsh free-radicals in the air many of us struggle with dry and itchy skin.  There are so many cleansers and lotions for our face, … READ MORE

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Rediscovering The Art Of Shaving

Have you ever wanted a professional shaving experience in your own bathroom? With the Art of Shaving’s Four Elements of The Perfect Shave Set, you can get th… READ MORE

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Make It A Clean Scene

Don’t get zapped by free radicals like UV rays, pollution and cigarette smoke (so gross!).  Defend your skin with
antioxidants, like Clean Scene’s … READ MORE

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Treating Hair One Drop at a Time

With the weather going bonkers, it is only natural our hair will follow suit. It seems like minutes after stepping out the door, our mane is frizzy and comple… READ MORE

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Fight Frizz in 20 Minutes

Tired of piling on products to get frizz-free hair?

We blow oodles and oodles of money trying to find that perfect product that will keep our locks looking sl… READ MORE

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Tweeze In Style!

“Graffiti is this year’s hot new trend!” says one fashion magazine but we wonder if it really ever went away. But the king of all tweezers, Tweezerman… READ MORE

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How To Get Straight And Shiny Hair Like The Stars

The Brazilian Blowout has been one of the most popular treatments in high-end salons over the past year. A short-term solution to rid hair of frizz and make i… READ MORE

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Light Up Your Life (Lipstick)

Beauty For Real, a new make-up company founded by famous make-up artist Leslie Munsell, is based on the simple principal that beauty is attainable to ALL wo… READ MORE

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Peel Kit For New Skin

Many of us visit a dermatologist for a glycolic skin peel. It can be a tad painful, and the peeling is extreme but it’s all worth it when the new skin is revealed… READ MORE

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Get Some Purpose

Lo Bosworth swears it keeps her combination skin looking flawless. She raves about the product: “It’s my favorite face wash; it’s amazing!” … READ MORE

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Get Flawless Summer Skin: POP Beauty’s Tinted Face Gel

Is your every day foundation weighing your skin down this summer? Whether you are prepping for a day at the beach or a steamy night on the town, your winter mak… READ MORE