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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Murder Mirjana Puhar

'America's Next Top Model's' Mirjana Puhar Shot To Death

One-time America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar was one of three people murdered in a Charlotte, N.C. home Tuesday, police said.

Puhar, … READ MORE

'American Sniper' Trial Guilty Verdict

Jury Finds Ex-Marine Guilty In ‘American Sniper' Murder

A Texas jury Tuesday found the ex-Marine who said he killed two men — including “American Sniper” Chris Kyle — guilty of murder, … READ MORE

FBI's Most Wanted Women – 12 Photos Of America's Lethal Ladies

You might think of women as the fairer sex, but these lethal ladies would violently disagree. They’re the wild women of the FBI’s Most Wanted l… READ MORE

American Sniper Trial Jury Deliberations

Jury Gets 'American Sniper' Murder Case

A Texas jury is deliberating the fate of the ex-Marine who admits he killed “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man. His lawyers argue he … READ MORE

Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial

Jury Gets Jodi Arias Death Penalty Case After Dramatic Closing

A trial full of jaw-dropping twists and turns came to an appropriately dramatic end Tuesday as defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi pointed to a photo of a young Jodi ArREAD MORE


Imprint On Mattress In Aaron Hernandez Home Could Show Murder Weapon

The .45 caliber gun used to kill Odin Lloyd was never found, complicating the ongoing Aaron Hernandez murder trial. But Tuesday in court, an investigator s… READ MORE

Georg Zimmerman Investigation

Officials Decline To File Hate-Crime Charges Against George Zimmerman

The Justice Department officially closed today its investigation into Trayvon Martin’s 2012 death and declined to file hate-crime charges against his k… READ MORE

Slenderman Suspects Victim Bird Watching

Young Suspects Detail Attack To Investigators

The two Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a peer for a fictional character known as the Slenderman told cops they lured their victim in saying they were go… READ MORE

American Sniper Trial Testimony Ends

Man Who Killed ‘American Sniper’ Faked Mental Illness, Doctor Claims...

The ex-Marine charged with killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man got an idea of how to act mentally ill from an episode of Seinfeld in which Kr… READ MORE

Elliot Rodger Stabbed Pillows

Virgin Killer Elliot Rodger Stabbed Pillows, Stabbed One Man 94 Times

Elliot Rodger stabbed pillows, and researched methods how to kill quietly, prior to last year’s shooting rampage that left six people dead and 14 others in… READ MORE

American Sniper Trial Routh Mentally Ill

Ex-Marine Who Killed ‘American Sniper’ Was Mentally Ill, Doctor Says...

A psychiatrist testified Thursday that the ex-Marine on trial for killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man was mentally ill, bu… READ MORE

Splash, Instagram

Nicki Minaj Reveals Two Members Of Her Entourage ‘Stabbed’

Nicki Minaj has announced some tragic news on Twitter.

“Two members of my team were stabbed last night in Philly,” she wrote today. “One was ki… READ MORE

American Sniper Trial -- Mother Testifies

'American Sniper' Trial: Killer's Mother Testifies

Before prosecutors rested their case against the ‘American Sniper’ killer, Eddie Ray Routh‘s words and actions were highlighted on… READ MORE

Slender Man Stabbing Suspect's Notebook

'Slender Man' Suspect's Disturbing Drawings & Mutilated Dolls

The notebook of 12-year-old girl suspected of stabbing her best friend – along with fellow classmate and accomplice – in honor of fictional character Slen… READ MORE

American Sniper Trial Prosecution Rests

American Sniper’ Jurors Hear Killer’s Shocking Confession

Prosecutors rested their case today after five days of testimony against the man charged with killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man at a TexREAD MORE

Warren Jeffs Child Bride Victim

Father Of Warren Jeffs’ Child Bride Victim Getting Early Jail Release...

The father convicted of giving his 12-year-old daughter as a child bride to Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints  cult leader Warren Jeffs is bein… READ MORE

Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Cell Phone Disabled

Prosecutors Link Aaron Hernandez’s DNA To Gum & Bullet Evidence

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez testified briefly in his murder trial Tuesday, speaking just three words: “Yes, your honor.”

While it is … READ MORE

Whitney Blair Fetters Oklahoma

Teacher, 28, Accused Of Sexts, Snapchats With Student, 14

A 28-year-old Oklahoma middle school teacher was arrested after officials said she sent a number of graphic texts to a 14-year-old ex-student.


Aaron Hernandez Trial Cell Phone

Aaron Hernandez Seen Breaking Cell Phone Into Pieces After Murder

Jurors in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial will see video of the ex-NFL star breaking his cell phone into pieces outside a police station, the judge ruled Fr… READ MORE