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Chloe Millar

Dividing the majority of her career between The UK and U.S.,'s Head of Photo, Chloe Millar, has racked up an extensive knowledge of the inside workings of the media and press on both continents. As the two main hubs of the industry expand so has Chloe's experience, having worked every angle of the photo business starting with the top photo agencies - Getty and WENN - assigning and managing photographers, to getting behind the camera, then buying and editing the finished product for the world's largest English speaking news website Mail Online, before landing at Talk to her about Lindsay’s stint in Jail, (BBC/UK), she’s got you covered. Kate Middleton and her privacy rights (HLN/US), not a problem either. Need a date that a photo was taken, where and how much…you won’t need a library or reference. Used a photo without permission? She knows your rights, or lack there of! Heading up a talented team of photo editors, she manages the daily routine of the desk and keeps her staff and clients happy. If you need to contact Chloe do so at

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